Consultation & Training

Consultation & Training

I offer a range of clinical trainings and parent workshops. I also provide supervision and consult with private practice owners to grow strong practices.

Practice Building & Marketing

One of the most rewarding services I provide is helping practice owners develop efficient and effective strategies to grow their practices.

Advocacy & Community

I'm actively involved in multiple non-profits, such as the Little Rock Child Protection Center and the Arkansas Psychological Association.

Adam Benton

Clinical Consultation

Looking for CEs for a group of providers, a conference speaker, or ideas for a teacher or parent workshop? I present on a range of topics related to, autism, ADHD, social develop, traumatic stress, safety and abuse prevention, and decision making.

The Business of Practice

Are you in private practice or starting a private practice and would like someone with whom you can confidentially collaborate or consult. Practice building and consultation is a specialty of mine. I regularly consult with practices around the state. Call today for more information.

Adam Benton

Next Steps...

Call or message me today to schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!